Hints & Tips for a Constructive CV


Equasion Consulting wants you to achieve your full professional potential. You may be perfectly suited to your "dream job" but if your CV does not best reflect your suitability,your chance to introduce yourself to a prospective employer could well be lost.


A Curriculum Vitae is a very necessary tool in your employment seeking process. It is the “window” which prospective employers use to view your skills and experience, and it also offers you a brilliant opportunity to market yourself. It is important to make sure that your information is clearly laid out and that your details are accurate and correct. Whilst a lengthy CV filled with irrelevant information can be off-putting for the interviewer, a CV without sufficient suitable detail can cost you that “opportunity”.


The body of the CV should run as follows:



These sections should include the following detail…



  • Full Names
  • Your Physical And Postal Addresses
  • Contact Details
  • Email Address (If Applicable)
  • Nationality
  • Languages
  • ID Number
  • Drivers License Code


The following information can be offered at your discretion but is not legally required

  • Availability/Notice Period
  • Indication of Salary Requirements
  • Indication of Whether You Are Available For Temporary Work
  • Hobbies
  • Memberships



  • Highest, final school qualification including dates and subjects
  • All tertiary studies to be listed individually by qualification obtained including all start and end dates. List all subjects, highlighting any major subjects taken
  • Indicate if any studies are current and when the expected date of completion will be




This section should always start with your most RECENT work experience or position and follow in that order with previous experience.


Each position held whether permanent or temporary should include the following:

  • Name of the employer
  • Type of industry
  • Job Title
  • Dates employed (including months if possible)
  • Duties/ Responsibilities – in detail
  • Reasons for leaving


* Under each position it would be advisable to note any achievements attained during your employment with that employer, e.g. any awards for performance or any promotions etc.





  • Names and contact numbers of contactable referees who you reported to during your employment
  • Names and contact numbers of referees who were more senior than yourself during your employment, if your direct report is not available as a referee, even if these contacts are no longer with the same company
  • Character references can be given in addition to employment references but should not be given in place of. These references can be colleagues from your place of employment or any person who holds a position of responsibility in the community, such as a Priest, a Bank Manager or a Headmaster




  • Always check your spelling thoroughly, remember “FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT”
  • Check the layout of the CV ensuring that the font is consistent and that the content is clearly laid out
  • Always offer copies of your attachments such as qualifications and memberships
  • Make sure that all your dates correspond and that there are no gaps in your history


Hints & Tips for Interviews


You've submitted your CV and the recruiter would like to meet with you but:"HELP - I DON'T INTERVIEW TOO WELL!!" Don't stress, Equasion will help you to prepare and conduct yourself in a professional manner by offering the following advice:

  1. Do research on the company where you are being referred to for an interview
  2. Get the name of the company correct, as well as the address
  3. If you not familiar with the area, make the trip beforehand to ensure that you don’t get lost
  4. Arrive early, be calm and composed
  5. Greet in a bright, cheerful but firm manner, responding with a handshake if invited to
  6. Look smart, be well groomed – no chipped nail varnish
    • Be Hygienically fresh
    • Look Professional
    • Have your CV with you, if not being referred by an Agency
    • Switch your cell phone off
    • Give a genuine smile – Look into the interviewers eyes
    • Don’t chew Gum
  7. Listen to the question carefully – then answer
  8. Don’t interrupt while the interviewer is speaking
  9. Don’t accept a cigarette in the interview
  10. Sit upright in the chair
  11. Don’t assume anything
  12. Have a sense of humour if appropriate but don’t try to impress with Jokes or Wit!!
  13. If the Interviewer asks you if you have any questions – AVOID ASKING QUESTIONS LIKE
    • What Salary are you offering
    • Tell me about your Company
    • How successful is your Company
    • How much leave do I get ?


Rather thank the Interviewer and regret with no further questions or use the opportunity to ask any questions that are interesting and pertinent, that is, any questions that you may have researched prior to the interview


There is information that both the interviewer as well as your agency would have covered. You will appear un-prepared if you re-visit these areas of information just to be seen to be asking questions with the Interviewer


GOOD LUCK and please call your Agency immediately after your Interview to give feedback on your Interview


You are now well on your way to fulfilling your dreams! Keep up the good work and maintain your energy, drive and ambition!