Our Services

Permanent/Contract Recruitment

We have been offering permanent/contract recruitment services for a period of 10 years. We are meticulous in our approach and offer clients high caliber candidates. We never send more than 3 CVs per role to our clients and if we are unable to source the right fit we will not submit CVs. We do not waste the clients’ time. Our turnaround time is 5-10 working days (scarce skills role deadlines to be agreed with client). We have achieved an incredible 70% success rate on permanent placements to date, we offer clients a 3-month guarantee. We have two highly experienced consultants who manage client requests within the permanent division. Please note that due to the size of our organisation we are able to present clients with flexibility in terms of pricing by offering tailored solutions that enable clients to reduce their overall recruitment costs.

Headhunting (contingency)

Our headhunting consultant is a proven highly successful headhunting specialist who has been in the headhunting industry for 18 years. She has worked for top headhunting firms within her career and was in addition the Managing Director of the HR wing of the Black Management Forum. Our senior headhunting consultant brings with her deep networks. She has been responsible for placing candidates commanding salaries of up to R1.2 million. She has the ability to identify, target and present talent that are a perfect fit. This is based on her extensive solid experience within the industry.


Equasion Consulting has been offering temporary recruitment since our inception in 2001 (10 years). We are extremely proud of the quality of our temps presented to clients; in fact we achieved an incredible 50% temp to perm placement ratio with one of our key clients over a period of time.

We establish an excellent relationship with our temporary candidates. Our temps are offered the standard statutory benefits as well as the following added benefits; free customer service training and an Achievement Booklet.

Our achievement booklet is a document that we present to temporary staff members which includes positions they have held, verbal references from the client/s and proof of training received. This assists our temps to build a solid career and to take forward their achievements and experience.

As a responsible recruiter, we ensure our temps are always paid on time. In fact, over the years we have developed an independent emergency fund to ensure that funds are always available to pay temps whilst we wait on client payments.

We have a unique understanding of the contact centre environment and have extensive temporary resources available to clients within this very exciting industry.
We offer a 24 hour turnaround time. Clients are assisted by 2 highly experienced consultants within the temporary division who collectively have 22 years recruitment experience.

We are able to develop unique pools of temps who are trained for a specific client’s environment (e.g. Mnet & Unisa) to ensure that our clients have readily available resources at the drop of a hat. We always have a consultant readily available after hours to clients for emergencies.

We are able to offer clients free induction training as an add value to our temporary recruitment service.

Specialist Talent Introductions

For rare skills we present clients with the opportunity to view first to market candidates before other clients are exposed to the candidate. This ensures that our clients have first option to highly skilled specialists. This service is charged at a monthly fixed rate. Clients would need to inform us of which talent they are seeking and we would ensure that all suitable talent within these fields are presented to you first.

Onsite Recruitment/Project Managed

We offer our clients an onsite recruitment service.

For clients with more than 20 temps at their premises Equasion will ensure that there is an onsite consultant based at your premises if required.

Equasion Consulting staff has extensive experience within onsite recruitment. Kayroon was based onsite at MultiChoice as a temp onsite manager and was responsible for 100 temporary staff (at initiation of this outsourced project). In addition, Equasion was provided with onsite offices based at a key client responsible for various recruitment projects and acted as an extension to the HR Department with duties including:

  • Monthly temp motivational meetings
  • Staff performance management
  • Managing disciplinary issues, hearings and any administration involved
  • Handling distribution of payslips and enquiries
  • Feedback on productivity, performance and behaviour of staff
  • Recruitment and selection (including interviewing, prescreening & references)
  • Managing increase letters and enquiries
  • Counseling staff on behaviour issues
  • Inductions
  • Feedback/Reporting to clients on a monthly basis

Induction Programmes

Equasion Consulting is able to manage induction programmes on behalf of the client. We will gather and compile material required for the induction, present, manage the completion of employment contracts and conduct organisational classroom training. We adhere to the client’s requirements and code of conduct.