Value Added Services


Free Coaching

We have honed our coaching skills through years of experience and we offer this to our temporary and permanent candidates. We assess our temps before entering a client’s environment and provide coaching that is needed to ensure they are prepared.


Payment of Flights

At the sole discretion of Equasion Consulting we pay for flights for selected candidates to attend interviews; depending on the seniority of the role.


Free Psychometric testing

Equasion Consulting offers the client free psychometric assessments for positions offering a package of > R500 000.00 per annum for those candidates who have reached final interview stage.


Free Training for temps

We offer our temps free quarterly customer service training held at our venue or alternatively at the clients venue (for larger groups of temporary staff).


Free Induction Training

For clients requiring larger groups of temps we provide free induction training.


Achievement Booklet

We offer our temps an achievement booklet which tracks their work history whilst temping, provides a record of training received and includes references from all their positions worked whilst in our employ.


Free Surveys

Clients supply Equasion Consulting with questions that they would like us to ask candidates during all interviews in an area that they would like to gain an understanding. We incorporate this into our interviews. All responses are documented and forwarded to the client.


Free Workshops offered to HR

We offer free topical workshops to HR personnel periodically throughout the year where we discuss related recruitment issues that affect HR. These workshops are held at the client’s premises.